March 19, 2007

Sentencing For Attempted Carjacking/Kidnapping

National Park News
Mojave National Preserve

On the morning of December 31, 2006, James Morris, 19, who’d been in an argument with a friend and had been left behind along Kelbaker Road, saw a motor home parked about a half mile away. He walked over and knocked on the door.

When the motor home’s driver opened the door, Morris asked if he and his three companions had broken down. When the driver told him that they were okay and just taking a break, Morris pulled a gun on the driver in an attempt to carjack the RV.

The driver began struggling with Morris for control of the gun; with the assistance of his three passengers, he was eventually able to get it away from Morris. The driver then pulled the trigger on the gun in an attempt to shoot Morris, but the gun proved to be empty.

The struggle continued until the RV’s four occupants subdued Morris. They continued to beat him until they could tie him up with their belts. They then held Morris until CHP and sheriff’s department officers arrived on scene and arrested him.

On March 9th, Morris was convicted in state court and sentenced to nine years in prison, plus four years of parole.