May 2, 2008

Unidentified Body Parts Found In California Desert

Help Cops ID Remains And Solve A Murder

America's Most Wanted

The desolate Amboy Road cuts through an incorporated stretch [in the Morongo Basin, a region] about an hour outside the desert town of Palm Springs. Miles away from the casinos, spas, and outlet shopping, a road crew made a startling discovery on the dirt shoulder on July 10, 2007.

While repaving, workers came across a human torso laying in some brush. When investigators from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene, they noticed that the legs, arms, and head had all been removed with a sawing tool of some sort. They also surmised that whoever the victim was had most likely been killed elsewhere.

One day later, authorities made a second discovery -- the unknown victim's legs were found two miles away. Police began a comprehensive search of the surrounding areas using helicopters, off-road vehicles, horses, and personnel on foot. As a result of the 21-mile search, several items, including firearms and clothing, were located. But nothing pointed police to a suspect or an identity for the unidentified remains.

An autopsy was performed on the torso and the legs and no definitive cause of death could be determined. The body parts showed no signs of animal activity prior to death nor were there and tattoos or identifying marks to aid police in naming their John Doe. The Coroner's office determined the victim to be 43 to 55 years old, 5'4" - 6'3" and either white or Hispanic. Using the femur bone, cops were able to process a DNA sample, but there were no matches for the victim in the Department of Justice's Missing Person DNA database.

Now, police are asking for the help of AMW viewers. Cops say Amboy Road is a barren avenue that could be used to to travel in and out of Las Vegas, Nev. They believe the murder could have happened in either Calif. or Nevada and the torso may have been ditched while the killer was in transit between states. If you believe you know something that may aid cops in their investigation or if you've seen suspicious activity in the areas surrounding Amboy Road, please call our hotline at 1-800-CRIME-TV.