August 12, 2008

Mojave Phone Booth rights acquired

PRWeb Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) -- Paragon Pictures Inc. and Westlake Entertainment Inc. have joined forces in the strategic acquisition of multi- award winning HD feature film "Mojave Phone Booth. The companies have acquired exclusive rights to distribute the film and will split responsibility for the worldwide release.

"Mojave Phone Booth" Starring Annabeth Gish ("The X-Files", "Pursuit of Happiness") and Steve Guttenberg ("Veronica Mars", "P.S. Your Cat is Dead"), is story about an abandoned phone booth that sits in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It's filled with bullet holes, covered in graffiti, and the windows are broken. However troubled its' outside appearance, it is functional. For years its identity was exploited over the internet, and travelers would take the long trip down a dirt road to visit the site in hopes of receiving a phone call from a stranger in a distant country.

"Mojave Phone Booth" is a prime example of fine, independent film making at its best; it's about four disparate people whose lives intersect at this phone booth in the Mojave Desert. There's Beth (Annabeth Gish), whose had troubles in her love life and ties to a mysterious crime; Mary (Tinarie Van Wyk-Loots) a South African woman contemplating prostitution as a means to save herself; Alex (Christine Elise, "Cactus kid") a woman that believe her lover is possessed by aliens, and Richard (Robert Romanus, "Going Shopping"), desperate to end his life after a separation from his wife. The phone booth works as a meeting point for interconnectivity, sending us deep into the lives and psyches of these disturbed individuals.

Written by John Putch and Jerry Rapp, and Directed by John Putch this film is based on an actual phone booth (which accepted incoming calls) isolated in the Mojave Desert. Callers from many countries dialed (619) 733-9969 later (760) 733-9969 to see who would answer (often people who hiked to the spot). The phone was removed at the request of the Mojave National Preserve in 2000 and per SBC policy the phone booth numbers were retired for good.